Emperor Foundation
 2008 friendship tour to Leigu, a quake hit town in Sichuan Province 2009 volunteer tour to "Hubei Hong Kong Emperor Elderly Care Centre" in Wuhan, Hubei Province 2010 "A Feast of Tastes Charity Banquet" 2010 volunteer trip to visit school children in a rural district in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province

Employee Involvements

"A Feast of Tastes" Charity Banquet
"A Feast of Tastes" Charity Banquet

To promote hospice care, elderly services and life education, Emperor Foundation, Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care and St. James' Settlement jointly organized "A Feast of Tastes" Charity Banquet for over a hundred senior citizens and terminal patients. The event raised a considerable sum of donation, part of which was used to buy old-time food for those who couldn’t attend the banquet while the rest was channelled to the two organizations as their operation funds.