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Emperor Charity Foundation "Together We Care, Love For South Asia"
Emperor Charity Foundation "Together We Care, Love For South Asia"

In view of over hundred thousands of precious lives taken by the big tsunami of the century, a charitable show "Together We Care, Love for South Asia" was initiated by "Emperor Charity Foundation" to raise the awareness from the community and to encourage all circles making donation benevolently. Given that the tickets were sold merely within Emperor Group and everybody in the Group responded to the single call, 2,000 tickets were sold out within one day in spite of pressing time. All the proceeds of the tickets received from Emperor Charity Foundation went to Hong Kong Red Cross for disaster relief.

This charitable show won the enormous support from the public. In addition to the proceeds from "Emperor Charity Foundation" and the tickets, which totaled $1,000,000, a sum of $1,018,820 from the sales revenue of 20 retails of G. Sushi yesterday (January 1) was also donated to "Emperor Charity Foundation". Hong Kong Daily News under the Group could not bear playing second fiddle by giving the proceeds of the sales yesterday amounted to $288,000 to "Emperor Charity Foundation' in the name of "Hong Kong Daily News Foundation". To support the function, Fung Yin Seen Koon (Monastery) and Miss Paula Tsui donated $300,000 and $100,000 respectively. Over ten artists under the Emperor Entertainment Group also donated $635,000 in total. Seeing all are united as one, the Emperor Group Chairman, Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Shing also put up the same amount from his own pocket, thus the Group pledged $1,270,000 as its contribution. Through the full support from all circles, the donation amount broke the record of $3,900,000 in a flash. Having collected the donation from all circles, funds raised were donated to Hong Kong Red Cross for disaster relief. On behalf of Hong Kong Red Cross, Mr. Chan Chi-ming, the Secretary, received the donation amounted to $3,976,820.

The singers under Emperor Entertainment Group presented in the function simply dressed in T-shirts provided by the organizer and their scrupulous performance brought in enthusiastic response from the audience, who were driven to make donation again on the spot. It was anticipated that the donation would break the record again.