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Press Conference for "Jeans for Genes Day"
Press Conference for "Jeans for Genes Day"

"Jeans for Genes Day", organized by the Children's Thalassaemia Foundation and co-organized by the Emperor Foundation, will be held on 24th October 2005. Supporters can go to work or school in jeans on that day. They will also invite fellows around to donate generously and support their almsdeed of joining the activity. All the fund raised will be used to support medical research for curing Thalassaemia, to acquire medical equipment for the betterment of patients, to support counseling services for Thalassaemia patients and their families, and patients career training subsidizing scheme, etc.

Press Conference for "Jeans for Genes Day"
Press Conference for "Jeans for Genes Day"

Many people attended today's press conference, including Professor Yeung Chap Yung and Mrs. Judy Mui, the Chairman of the Children's Thalassaemia Foundation and the Chairwoman of the Fundraising Committee respectively, and Ms. Christina Ng, Corporate Communications Director of Emperor Group.

Professor Yeung officially appointed Mr. Kenny Kwan, a singer from the Emperor Entertainment Group Limited, as the "Caring Ambassador" of the Children's Thalassaemia Foundation at the conference. Kenny said, "I didn't know much about Thalassaemia before, however, after being appointed as the Caring Ambassador, I deeply feel the tremendous courage the children suffering from Thalassaemia needed to combat the disease. To remove an excessive iron resulted from blood transfusion, the severe Thalassaemia patients have to spend 10 hours every night on iron chelation injection. However, they still combat the disease bravely and optimistically! I deeply respect their courage."

Kenny will take the responsibility of the Caring Ambassador, to promote and to educate the public about Thalassaemia in the coming year. Besides, the song "Let it be", a new encouraging song from Kenny's latest album, has become the theme song of the foundation. A music video of the song with Kenny and a dozen of children was shot not long before. Kenny also brought lots of gifts to the day ward that specially designed for Thalassaemia patients in Queen Mary Hospital, in which he visited the children who received regular treatment. He also played a variety of games with them and all of them had a wonderful afternoon.

To recall the memory of the happy moment on that day, Kenny specially acted "Kwan Sir" and prepared varied interesting questions to test the children at the conference. After that, he played the game, "The Teacher Said" with the children. The children seemed like fond of Kwan Sir and enjoyed the game very much. By giving him a pair of jeans, the children asked Kwan Sir to wear it on 24th October at the end.

"I sincerely hope to arouse the public awareness of Thalassaemia through a series of promotions. Some patients' families are not well-off; however, their family members have to spend extra time to take care of them, which makes them under pressure. I do hope that we can work cooperatively to support this fund-raising activity. Let's join the "Jeans for Genes Day" together on 24th October and give alms liberally", said Kenny.